Friday, April 15, 2011

The Constant - As Seen Through These Eyes...

I've been keeping a journal and blogging for most of my life. Over 20 years at least. And I think... No, I believe one of the main reasons I do it is that when I'm gone, i'm hoping someone will come across it and read it. Read about the life I lead. Read equally about the joys and about the pains, about the triumphs and about the tragedies in my life... And accept it for it is. My life.

Another reason I write is so I can look back and see where I was and how I've grown and progressed from the person I once was. I've written a book on recovery based on my life and the events that have happened thus far and started a second book continuing where the first one left off.

But the reason that is tugging at me these days as the now electronic words hit my screen is that it is a "Constant". A constant meaning I am always here. The "Journal" or "Blog" is always here. Patiently awaiting its next entry. Non-judgemental. My Blog does not have an opinion nor can it interupt or interject things after I have written them. It is what it is. Sometimes the entries are filled with daily events which mean nothing, but at other times they are raw and pure.

And for the first time completely public. I figured, if I can write a book on my life and publish it, I can put this out there to the universe.

Me. My Blog...

A "Constant".

Me. My life...

As Seen Through These Eyes.

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